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EvoHIIT is the most flexible circuit timer, perfect for any form of functional training or high intensity workout.


Circuit timer, batteries included

Quickly, easily and flexibly build your circuit plan and then be guided through your training. Fantastic for functional style training, allowing you to create circuits with a similar style to F45, CrossFit, OTF and traditional HIIT style training. Share your workouts and custom exercises with friends.

  • Able to set up circuits with repeating sections
  • Customise active/rest time for each exercise and or set
  • Over 250 exercises with animated movements built-in
  • Alternatively, add your own exercises to library. No limits.

Generate circuits automatically

With the built in circuit generator you can generate a circuit automagically, then edit it to suit you. Select how long you want to workout, what muscle groups you want to target, timing for sets, number of sections and exercises and you’re ready to go!

  • Circuit generator. You enter the muscle you want to work out, the duration, and the equipment, and let the app set up the rest

Filter to suit you

Use the filters to only show exercises that use the equipment you have, or that work the muscles you want to focus on for that circuit. Ready for you to create circuits for at home workouts and at the gym.

  • Filter exercises by equipment required and muscle targeted.

No limits on number of circuits or exercises

Create as many circuits as you like, either completely custom or with the magic circuit builder! No limit on circuits, until you run out of space on iCloud. Which is a lot of circuits.

  • No account required! Sync all your data with iCloud (if logged into iCloud)

and more:

  • Full dark mode support
  • Customise app icon and color theme
  • Complete data export and import
  • Share circuits or exercises with friends!
  • Duplicate workouts easily

EvoHIIT Pro:

The app is designed to be fully usable without the Pro subscription, so that the subscription only enhances the app and is not required for the app to be useful. The advertising displayed to support the app is designed to be unobtrusive, appearing only once every 12 hours for a short display period.

Pro features

  • Remove advertisements
  • Additional colour and app icon customisation
  • Allows you to set default filters to always apply. If you only want to see exercises using the equipment you own, this option will save you time.

If you have an idea for the app or are missing a feature please get in touch, I’d love to hear it!

Happy training!

About the developer

Hi, I’m Jake Nelson.

I’m an aspiring indie developer from Perth, Western Australia.

This app wouldn’t exist without my wonderful partner. I owe her for the idea, hours and hours of beta testing, and endless encouragement which has helped this make it onto devices.


Any further questions please contact